Monday, 17 November 2008

One thing missing...

A mild, cloudy day with the odd brighter spell and a moderate wind from the North West, it was also three days after the full moon. These are pretty good conditions to be fishing just about anywhere and “Eden” in particular. By 0700 I was anchored up in the basin area, arranging a delicious menu of deadbaits which were spread around the boat. I’d only just finished and was starting to mix up a load of foul smelling fishy groundbait when I was startled by a ticking bait runner. I quickly picked up the rod, baited with Mackerel once again, and wound into a Pike. The fish was on and didn’t feel big but I’ll never know as the hooks pulled out after a few seconds, bugger!!!! I was disappointed but not as gutted as I had been a few weeks ago. I was sure I’d get another chance, wouldn’t I?

I stayed in this area for another ninety minutes then moved another 100 yards to the south. The wind was ideal for drifting so I set one rod up shallower and drifted a smelt deadbait a few inches off the bottom. The bait was rigged head up trace and at the end of the drift was retrieved slowly, sink and draw style. This method has caught me a few fish over the years…but not today. I moved into ‘The bay’ using the same methods I searched three different areas here without reward. I then moved back into the basin and tried two more spots here, nothing. I worked hard, fished hard but didn’t find any more Pike willing to pick up a bait. By this time I was cursing my missed chance first thing in the morning.
Another blank session, my second in a row at Eden but I can console myself that at least I’ve found a fish willing to pick a bait up on both these trips. On this system that is pretty good going! I can remember the first winter I spent searching the system, I fished it a dozen times and boated a grand total of four Pike for my troubles! Back then we fished more in hope than expectation, every Pike caught was a major event, no matter how big or small. Nowadays I launch the boat expecting to catch something, we’ve come a long way. Once again I totally enjoyed every minute spent afloat in this wild natural environment, I didn’t speak to another soul all day and my only company was the birds, in fact there was only one thing missing - Pike! Sadly due to work, family and other commitments it will be a few weeks before I’m able to visit Eden again and I’m missing it already.

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mizlan said...

hope will cath lot of fish!