Sunday, 27 October 2013


Over the last month I’ve spent most of my fishing time in my boat at my favourite wetland wilderness. The mild autumn has made this a very comfortable, enjoyable experience and from a fishing point of view it’s had a bit of everything. Nothing stays the same, the system changes, evolves through the seasons, this means it’s always interesting. The Pike always make us work but when they come the reward feels greater for that. 

I love fishing in the autumn, every species feeds hard but I can’t drag myself away from Pike at this time of year. Enjoy the novelty of mild weather Piking with the countryside still wearing a green coat, before the cold days come. 
It’s been so mild that many anglers have trotted out the old “too warm for Piking” line. Most of the people who tell me this rarely fish for Pike whatever the weather but there are Pikers out there that believe this too. This soon gets forgotten when the trout reservoirs open their doors, nobody gives back their Chew ticket if the weather is too warm… Talking of which, this place is still turning up whackers and I’m still content to be a vaguely interested spectator. Good luck to all with tickets.

Here’s some photos…

First of the season


Big sky sunset

Catch the moment

Looking for lunch

Too big for bait

Still looking

Only takes a second


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