Friday, 1 January 2016


So it’s that time once again, I’m sitting here thinking where the hell did those twelve months go? The truth is they flew passed because it was a bloody busy year. Lots of good stuff and some not so good. Looking back I wonder that it all fit in one year and I wonder how we got through it with some sanity intact, or did we? For me fishing is often therapy, escapism, headspace whatever you call it its almost always pure pleasure.

My Pike fishing in 2014 was as enjoyable as I’d ever known it and this continued into the New year and right up until the river season finished. I managed to catch good fish from three different waters which included my first twenty pounder caught from my home county for a long time. When I checked I was surprised just how long. Then came spring and the Broadland Prymnesium which has been covered at length, the system has been devastated and my fishing may never be the same again. My Pike fishing this autumn has been slow, partly because of what has gone on in Norfolk and partly because I’m spending my time scouting out ‘new’ places to Pike fish. More about that another time? Probably not. What has become apparent is if I want to continue to enjoy the type of Pike fishing I’ve become used to then I have to get out of my comfort zone, for a while.

I fished ‘The Marsh’ for five years but this year I gave it a miss and I have to say I missed the place. The waters I fished during the spring and summer were nowhere near as pleasant and relaxing. I did manage to catch loads of fish including a few Carp and a solitary Tench. The fishing was interesting but not enough to inspire me to do the same again next year. For the last three seasons some of my fishing has been on more popular waters than I am used to and without the Marsh this percentage grew. I’ve reaffirmed what I already knew, if anything I’ve become even more anti-social. I have a couple of other waters in mind for next year and if it all pans out I may even be spoiled for choice. I’m not thinking too far ahead at the moment because it’s still winter and as yet I haven’t caught nearly enough Pike.

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