Thursday, 12 March 2009

Mixed feelings about a monster

It started with a few texts, rumours of a huge Pike; “what have you heard?, What do you know?” I didn't believe it at first but by last Wednesday I'd seen a photo and there was no doubt. The weight was amazing, 45 1/2 lbs and it looked every ounce. Then this week it was splashed all over the 'Angling Times', a forty five pounder from the Norfolk broads. The biggest 'wild' Pike from a natural water ever to be caught in England. It is official and the whole world knows about it. My first thoughts when I heard the captor was going public were, “That's the end of the broads then...”

I'm pleased that this huge fish has been caught and fair play to the captor. The weight is incredible, a forty pounder would not have surprised regular anglers but this one is five pounds heavier! Its a fish that should not exist in this day & age, like discovering a dinosaur! The most fantastic thing to happen in Pike fishing for years.

Then there's the downside. The area, already a fragile system, will come under increased angling pressure both from good Pike anglers and those not so good... The last thing in the world any Pike fishery needs is increased angling pressure. Enough said.

What would I have done? publish or not? I don't think I would have published but told people I trust along with a couple of anglings historians. In time the story would have leaked out anyway. Fish like this do need recording for angling history though. Who knows?

Congratulations to John Goble, that is one hell of a Pike!!!

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