Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Where? How? What?

I arrived at the Marsh at around 1600.  My first choice swim was taken so I drove to the other end of the lake and stood for a while in my second choice area, watching the water and looking for clues.  The anglers opposite showed no signs that they were packing up any time soon, quite the opposite in fact.  After wandering around for thirty minutes or so I hadn’t seen any signs but the wind was blowing straight into the area I‘d been standing in and nowhere else looked a better option so I dumped my gear there.  The wind was a North westerly, completely different to what was forecast, it was a mild, grey afternoon and for once it was dry, no rain!

If I’d managed to get into the swim I wanted I had a plan and knew exactly how I would fish it but could I make the same tactics work here?  Should I even try or should I just play it by ear?  I knew someone had fished the swim already this weekend so I had to assume that a bit of bait would still be laying on the bottom out there.  I didn’t want to overdo it with my own groundbait.  With this in mind I fished chod/feeder rigs so I could keep topping up the bait with every cast.  I keep reverting back to feeders because I’m worried a PVA bag will just drag my hook bait down into the silt.  Two such rods were cast alongside the bank to my right.  The first rod, baited with fake maize was positioned close to an overhanging tree and the other, a tutti fruiti boilie was placed near some pads.  I also scattered a handful of boilies and a few pouches of maize over the spots.  My intention was to keep feeding like this, little and often.  On my third rod I used the normal float rig with fake corn on the hook.   

With the bivvy set up and my swim organised I sat back and chilled out with TMS on the radio, cricket and fishing, perfect!  After dominating the first test for 2 ½ days England were now on the back foot and the West Indies were coming right back into the game.  First Chanderpaul and Samuels put on over 150 then Ramdin and Sammy added valuable runs.  WI ended on 345 then in a brief, fiery spell reduced England to 10-2. 

The evening was pleasant but quiet on the fish front.  Still my evening meal of sausage & tomato pasta went down well and it was great just chilling out by the lake.  By 2200 I was all set for the night, the float rod was rested but the two feeder rods were all set, my casts bang on the money with a little bit of feed on top.  I got myself comfortable in the bivvy and felt I was in with a chance during the night. 

The dawn chorus woke me around 5am, nothing had occurred during the dark hours so I got up and recast both feeder rods.  I tried float fishing for a while but nothing happened so still feeling tired I climbed back into the bivvy for a bit more rest.  By 8am I was back up and at ‘em, or I would have been had there been anything to be at.  It was a pleasant morning despite the freshening wind still blowing into my chops but the tench weren’t playing ball.  I kept on trying though and as the morning wore on I was cheered by TMS on the radio.  Despite early scares, cook and Bell put together a match winning partnership as England eventually cruised to a five wicket victory.  Back at the Marsh the Tench cruised to an easy victory, once again making me look daft.  Oh well, I enjoyed my night at the lake and I’ll be back soon!  

Elsewhere there is no more news on the Norfolk Prymnesium outbreak, which is a good thing.  I have a feeling this story won’t go away though…The new PAC committee has hit the ground running with loads of new initiatives.  The committee changes every three years which breathes new life, energy and ideas into the club.  From experience I know how much committee work takes out of the individuals concerned and in my opinion the three year change over keeps the club fresh and is one of the reasons the club has gone from strength to strength for 35 years.  The latest ‘Pikelines’ magazine landed on my door step the other day.  I haven’t had a chance to read it all yet but what I have looked at has been first class.  If you aren’t a PAC member already then what are you waiting for?

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