Monday, 21 January 2013


Just when it began to look we were going to get away with a mild winter the snow and ice has hit with interest.  We had a large snow fall on Monday and this has been topped up with a few showers since, the temperature has hardly limped above zero so a lot of the stillwaters now have the lid on.  Right now it’s Sunday and another big dollop of the white stuff has just dropped on us, it was supposed to arrive on Friday and I was beginning to think we’d got away with it but no.  I’m sure Isaac and I could have found some water in which to wet a line but in this weather, maybe not such a good idea for a youngster.  So here I am going stir crazy wishing I was fishing…

The cold weather has been here for a little over a week and I’m fed up with it already.  What happens with the weather will have a big bearing on where I fish next week.  If all goes to plan I’ll be launching the boat but if it stays like this it will have to be closer to home.  Either way I’ve got to get out there and have a fish.

Before I wrap this up for the night may I draw your attention to the new link on the right, “Copdock Mill Angling”.  This is the day job, not just the tackle shop just south of Ipswich (loads of bargains and no better prices on bait anywhere)  but also a whole range of baits coming soon that will be available country wide.  There are more in the pipeline and these will be field tested this coming spring and summer, watch this space.

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