Monday, 25 March 2013


Here on an English spring Sunday the temperature is -2 and we have several inches of snow on the ground with more falling, it’s bloody horrible.  I’m usually pretty relaxed about the weather, we get what we get and it’s mostly shit but this winter has gone on forever, it’s become oppressive.  The Sunday newspapers report it is the longest winter for fifty years.  I can’t wait for spring, even ten degrees will feel like a heat wave and people will be smiling again.

It has snowed for the last 36 hours, the temperature outside here at 10:26 is -2*C yet still I sit here with an urge to go fishing.  I’m not going to go, that would be madness but still a snow fish photo is tempting and the landscape looks lovely with this covering of white stuff.  However it’s just so bloody cold that it’s painful to exposed skin and it just wouldn’t be fun.  Instead I stayed in the warm, listened to music, wrote stuff and got ready to go out gigging tonight.  Off to London with Giles and meeting up with Rob, Piking friends in the smoke to see “Wire” at a club near the river.  Despite a few mishaps which go with the territory we had a top night but by God it was cold crossing the river.

Ian Chillcott is one of the better Carpy writers and is another angler who isn’t afraid to speak his mind about things, Otters being one example and he’s right!  Although I have little interest in Carpy politics I tend to support the reasons he founded ECHO, it made sense to me.  However I can’t agree with his opinion in the latest issue of Carpology magazine, that ECHO is the “most influential single species group ever formed”.  Sorry Ian but that accolade has to go to the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain which has been in the trenches for over 35 years and despite the occasional hiccup along the way, is now as active and relevant as ever. 

In East Anglia John Currie, Mickey Cox and all involved with the Norwich region have achieved what we all thought was impossible in getting the Broads Authority to stop, listen, think and review their dredging procedures on the Broads.  I’m happy to give the BA credit for this too, fair enough considering the slagging I gave them a year ago.  The Cambridge branch has long been successful under a succession of RO’s, most recently Wes & Jonno.  I’ve been to several packed, friendly rooms for a top speaker at Bottisham.  In Suffolk Jason Skilton is reviving the region and teaming up with Sean Ellis from Essex to help Pikers negotiate the future of fishing at Abberton reservoir.  This kind of thing and much more goes on all over Great Britain as it has since 1977.

More Information on these PAC regions here.

A day later the end of the cold weather is still not in sight, who knows when I’ll get back out on the bank or what I’ll be fishing for?  Here’s a more cheerful photo

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