Sunday, 22 June 2014


It’s been a poor spring fishing wise, mostly because I often fail to see what’s staring me right in the face.  I haven’t had enough time to fish the Marsh properly but I haven’t used my time wisely at the club lake.  Live and learn, only it takes me a bloody long time to learn sometimes.  Now we are at the time of year when fishing really has to fall in behind the many other distractions of summer; Family stuff, weddings, concerts, festivals, cricket etc.   What I have to do now is decide whether work out the best ways to use the time that I have or just do what I feel like doing, or perhaps both.

This morning Isaac decided we wanted to catch Carp so we headed off to the piranha pool where we would be likely to achieve this goal with ease.  The sun was strong and there was very little breeze so it should be ideal for a bit of floater fishing.  We set off into the Suffolk countryside around 0900 with the car windows open and Nirvana blasting from the stereo.
It was nice to see an empty car park but the scene that greeted us at the pool was an unpleasant surprise, duck weed stretching from bank to bank choked the water.  Things looked grim but we decided to throw a handful of floaters into one of the less dense areas to see what happened.  Within seconds the weed was being parted as the mouths of hungry carp slurped down the baits.  This was good enough for us so we chucked more floating pellets in and hurriedly tackled up.  Simple methods, just a size 10 hook tied to 10lbs mono, baits were side hooked, bright pink 10mm boilies slid onto the eye.  These were highly flavoured and very visible in the muck.
 Isaac was quickly into a fish which tore across the pool, parting the weed further as it boiled on the surface.  Within a couple of minutes a little common was in the net, along with several pounds of duck weed.  I took the opportunity to wave the net around and clear out a load more weed, which should hopefully make fishing easier.  Pretty soon it was my turn to hook up and another little Carp charged around on the surface before being scooped out with another pile of weed.  I wafted the net around some more but it didn’t seem to matter how much weed I scooped out, it just seemed to reform itself like some kind of creature from a Sci fi film.  The clearings I made only lasted a few minutes before they’d almost closed once more.  Not even the actions of the feeding Carp made much difference.
 We tried to fish in the clearer patches but we were constantly having to strip weed from our baits. Unless something can be done the piranha pool will be a no go area for the rest of the summer. The fishing was frustrating but we managed to catch another fish each before we decided it just wasn’t much fun.  We packed up quickly and headed home in time for the start of the test match.

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