Thursday, 1 March 2018

Arctic Bastard

"The beast from the east", what a lovely, media friendly name for our current winter storm.  What a load of bollocks.  Another tag line to use to sell more crap to fuckwitts.  Drum up some hysteria, hint that supplies could run out and people go mad.  To be fair this time it's a proper snowstorm, about six inches dropped on us overnight, which is the most snow we've had in one go for about six years.  I'm calling it the bastard from the Arctic but I don't suppose that's very media friendly.  Work was snowed off so I had an unplanned day at home, which was a pleasant surprise.

The lady and I went for a walk into the whiteness in the early afternoon.  The town looked suitably quaint after the whitewash but we'd got our timing wrong and strolled headfirst into a blizzard.  The wind was raw and cruel, cutting through clothing and scorching any exposed skin.  I had my camera but could only click half a dozen pictures before my finger tips needed warming up and the gloves were back in place.  Halfway round the lake and the clouds blew over, the skies cleared for a while allowing the sun to light the scene.  For a few minutes it became almost pleasant, the birds were singing and many were boldly searching for food, coming quite close in doing so.  A Robin followed us, Blackbirds were plentiful, a Chaffinch posed for us.  There were a couple of Redwings and a Fieldfare, birds I wouldn't expect to see in normal circumstances.

Another day of snow and ice later, forget the rural roads the main routes are bad enough.  This leads to no school for the kids and no work for me again.  It's that frustrating situation where I actually have some time but can't really do anything with it.  I did consider going down the river for a few hours but in this weather that really would be idiotic.  All I seem to do is look at weather forecasts on TV and online, hoping for anything other than bad news and still being disappointed.  It seems certain that my plans for a weekend in Norfolk will have to be postponed, I won't have time to get up there again this season so my special fishing is done for the time being, Arctic bastard.  By the time I throw the Pike rods out on the Broads again my son will be at college and my daughter at university, I don't want to wish this time away.

With time on my hands I've read the latest Catch Cult magazine and read most of it for a second time.  CC is now a year old and has gone from strength to strength, we're now up to edition six which is probably the best so far.  My favourite articles this time are all written by Robs.  Mr Christian's unique writing style tells us of a magic session after Fenland Pike.  Mr Young describes his incredibly successful approach to Hampshire Avon Barbel, culminating in a river record.  Finally Mr Olsen takes us on a Mongolian adventure seeking Taimen and it's a proper angling tale.  Honourable mentions also for Dave Marrs' balanced look at the Angling Trust and James Hinley's fishing on the northern spate rivers.  CC1 to CC4 have all sold out but you can get hold of CC5 and CC6 by clicking this link

So with Norfolk off the agenda I have to have a rethink, I should be able to make it to the waterside for a couple more tries for Pike before the season ends.  Maybe when one door closes there might be a surprise behind another?

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