Wednesday 24 February 2016

Full of it...

Last week scientists from the John Innes Centre who have been studying the Prymnesium parva algae put forward a theory that resonated with anglers.  The scientists suggest a virus may be present in the silt and when disturbed it may be this that causes the Prymnesium to release its toxin.  Obviously this would suggest that dredging is dangerous, as anglers have been saying for a long time.

Sadly this has no effect on the great minds at the Broads Authority, they still risk the chain of life just so unsuitable craft can be sailed.  This was the scene in Norfolk last week.  Yes the BA continues to dredge using antiquated equipment while they plead ignorance of the latest scientific findings.  If conclusive prove appeared to be imminent the BA would probably just speed up the work.

Remember the Broads Authority is the organisation that bestowed the title "National Park" upon the area even though it doesn't meet the criteria.  Surely this is dishonest?  How can an organisation that behaves this way be trusted?

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